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new! EPISODE 13

Recovering from codependency can be tough. All that sacrificing and giving is hard to cope with when there is no place to put it. 

Following my 10 Step Framework will put you on the path to recovery. Learn to become aware of where your codependency came from and then what to do about it.

new! EPISODE 12

Listen to how to avoid being trapped by the illusion. Find out how you can recognise you are being hooked in by a narcissist and how a narcissist will tangle you into his or her web of deceit and what you can do about it. 

new! EPISODE 11

Join Dr. Jenner in his latest podcast where he discusses his own journey through codependency and how you can recognise if you are codependent and what to do about it.


What is the basis of a good relationship? Listen as we discuss the all-important Four Pillars: Honesty, Trust, Respect, and Mutual Benefits.

"Our Quest For Happily Ever After.. And Why It Sometimes Does Not Work" is Available Now: at 9.99 USD.



Have you just broken up? Feeling bad... Not knowing where to go or what to do? Listen to the new podcast around Dr. Nicholas Jenner’s book “Our Quest For Happily Ever After & Why It sometimes does Not Work’. We discuss a section taken from the Third chapter of the book called: Taking The First Steps to Recovery (After A Breakup)".


Based on the second part of his recently published ebook "Our Quest For Happily Ever After & Why It Sometimes Does Not work", Dr. Jenner discusses the impact of an affair on a relationship and what you can do if you find yourself in this situation.


Do you understand your relationship or your partner? Do you know about your attachment style & how this affects your interaction with other people?


Dr. Jenner's discusses his book and how it looks at our expectations of romantic interaction. Available Now: at 9.99 USD. 


Have you ever felt The Kiss Of A Narcissist? That devastating feeling where your world that seemed so perfect at the beginning of the relationship suddenly crashes down as your partner shows his/her true self, leaving you feeling like a tornado has ripped through your life. Learn about the 3 definable stages of a narcissist relationship.


Learn How I use Inner Child Therapy to effectively deal with many issues from childhood and dysfunctional attachment to caregivers.


A series of questions from patients concerning codependency and how it affects their lives. Learn how you can become aware, understand and recover from codependency.


Hear the latest on Codependency with Dr Nicholas Jenner. Listen to how he feels that codependency is about control and how you can fix it.


Welcome to our first episode of Ask The Therapist Radio. Here we discuss everything around the subject of relationships based on listeners questions.