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Are you the reason your business is not growing? Are you a business owner struggling to move your company forward? Are you having employee issues and feeling stuck? Are you an entrepreneur or small business owner struggling to move your idea forward? Then business mentoring could be for you.  No matter what your issues, if you are in business, your mindset and inner communication will determine the way you run your business and how successful you become. Your personal business psychology and philosophy determine your success or failure to a large extent.

Why A Therapist?

When clients visit a therapist, they can expect to have an experience guided by a practitioner who has been trained to a high level. A therapist will help you gain insight into your issues and will use their skills and training to guide you to a place of recovery. They will also facilitate productive change in terms of definitive action. Through their deep and intensive training, they understand the complexities of human behavior and interaction.  These skills are easily transferable to the business arena and the level of training and knowledge most therapists possess will make all the difference. 

Why Dr Nicholas Jenner?

As well as running a successful online therapy practice, Dr Nicholas Jenner has worked with some of the biggest companies in Europe and the US up to board and CEO level. Apart from this, he has successfully worked with small companies and entrepreneurs, helping them to overcome themselves on the road to success. Dr Nicholas Jenner takes a pragmatic, solution focused approach to issues and believes that anything is possible given the right attitude and mindset.

What And How?

Dr Nicholas Jenner knows that your mind needs to be in the right place to be successful in business. Over the years he has helped many entrepreneurs and business leaders face the very issues that are holding them back. From making presentations through to taking on new responsibility, from the loneliness and anxiety associated with working alone to running a successful team, he has the skills needed to make a difference.


Using tools that have been honed in therapy, he works on the fundamentals of what is really working in the background holding you back. Looking at where you are, where you want to be and what you need to do to get there. Contact him today and challenge him to help you!